Brian Baker’s Cyclete Review

You will not be disappointed. I’m sorry to say that after 4 months on the Cyclete, I find my ElliptiGOs sitting in the garage, collecting dust. It’s hard to go back.

NO constant repairs.
NO fearing for my life when I go over large bumps.
NO loss of control or handling in evasive maneuvers.
NO noise or whoosh while striding.
NO burning sensation in the bottom of my feet.
NO dreading or fear of going off pavement.
No dicey braking with calipers that rust internally.

YES, all bearings are of the highest quality, with no failures.
YES, large fork, rims, and tires give you the ability to ride over any terrain.
YES, safe, confident, consistent handling in less-than-ideal conditions or evasive maneuvers.
YES, as hard as this is to believe, a virtually SILENT ride.
YES, you can therefore easily carry on conversations while riding with friends.
YES, you can ride all day without the bottom of your feet burning or getting numb.
YES, a much more natural running stride with ball-of-foot push off and heel kick on back half of stride.
YES, a more intense workout.
YES, you not only are able, but you will want to vary your training (just like running) by riding on both roads and trails.
YES, to discovering new places to ride, regardless of the terrain.
YES, the most incredible braking you have ever experienced on a stand up bicycle with large disc brakes that stop you, no matter if it’s wet or dry, hot or cold.

Sorry, I love my ElliptiGOs and always will, but the Cyclete with its teardrop motion is a HUGE evolution.