What Makes Cyclete – The Better Way to Move?

Cyclete is the culmination of SASCHER’s 20-year pursuit to create the ultimate stand-up-bike experience. A stand-up-bike that harnesses your body’s power to explore the world.  A fluid, powerful, patented teardrop motion that blends the best of running and cycling while significantly reducing harsh impact, numbness, knee and other joint strain.  A stand-up-bike designed in Marin County California, the birthplace of the mountain bike.  A capable stand-up-bike that stands tall amongst its mountain bike cousins while also delivering a fast, fun, safe, comfortable and quiet ride on the road. A stand-up-bike built without compromise in the USA.

Runners – Now you can arrive race day injury free.

Cyclists – Stand up and ride! Enjoy full weight bearing exercise without saddle soreness/numbness. Eliminate the source of erectile dysfunction!

The Cyclete name is the blending of Cyclist + Athlete.  Cyclete may be used as a noun, verb and proper noun e.g. “Those cycletes are cycleting on their Cycletes!”

I hope you enjoy your visit as you learn more about the Cyclete and contact us if you have any questions.  I think you will like what you see.  Perhaps you will decide to join our community of passionate cycletes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/cyclete/

Steven Ascher

Founder of SASCHER

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