Titanium Running Deck Outer Rail Set Upgrade




The aluminum Cyclete deck rails can be subjected to a lot of flex while cycleting.  The amount of flex depends upon your cycleting style.  While all bicycle components today are made primarily with aluminum, aluminum has a limited fatigue life. After flexing some indeterminate number of cycles, aluminum will fail.

To provide an added measure of safety while cycleting I am offering titanium outer deck rails.  Titanium provides a very strong rail with very high fatigue life.

Previously, I have offered a pair of titanium outer rails as a $360 option for extreme cycleting.  I would now like all Cyclete Trail Runners to be equipped with these titanium rails for an added level of safety.

To encourage the replacement of these rails I am offering discounted pricing for a pair of outer rails.  You may select the discount code below that feels fair to you.

none – full price of $360 – Thanks for your generous support

Ti25 – 25% discount $270

Ti50 – 50% discount $180

Ti75 – 75% discount $90

TiFree – Free $0

Please place your orders now using your selected discount code.  To apply the code, add the rails to your cart, go to checkout and there apply the code.

I will ship your replacement titanium outer rails to you and will provide simple instructions showing how to replace them.

Thanks for your continued support.  Happy and Safe Trails!