2021/2022 Cyclete Heavy Duty Rear Bearing Housing Replacement (PAIR)


Available For Pre-Order Deposit


This FREE heavy duty rear bearing housing replacement pair are available to all 2021/2022 Cyclete owners as replacement for original bearing housings with smaller 20x32x7 bearings. Larger 20x37x9 Enduro bearings will provide greater longevity. See photo for comparison.  If your Cyclete has the same appearance as the crank shown and was built prior to April 1st 2022, please order your kit. The kit comprises:

  • PAIR (Left and Right) Heavy Duty Rear Bearing Housings
  • 2 Enduro 20x37x9 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • 2 37mm snap rings
  • New Shorter Retaining Nut

I will be creating an instructional video showing how to replace these bearing housings.  I will also post more photos of the components included in the kit.

We are making new larger bearing housings now and will start shipping as soon as they are available.